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Sno Shield™ Inc. has teamed up with S-5!® and HotEdge™ offering a premium selection of roof snow systems which include snow guards, snow rail and roof ice melt systems. This combination of quality systems is only found here. Snow guard devices and protection against ice dam build-up is becoming more necessary as people choose the advantages of a metal, tile and slate roofs.

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snow guards

How do I keep snow from sliding off my roof?

The answer is Snow Guards. What is a snow guard? A snow guard is a large or small, metal or plastic item that keeps snow on a roof. Besides that, the goal is to keep the snow on the roof until the sun melts it enough that it can break up and fall off in manageable sizes.

Have you ever heard of a rooftop avalanche? That is when the entire mass of snow sheds off the roof all at once. In some cases this is not a big deal, but as metal, slate and tile roofs become more popular people and things are in real danger.

Why should I use snow guards on my roof? Does it really matter?

Yes, you should use snow guards on your roof, and yes, it does matter. Think of it this way, when living in a hot and humid area like Texas or Georgia, most people invest in pest control because without it large spiders, cockroaches, snakes and other insects roam in and out of homes freely.  No one likes to see bugs in their home, especially if little children are present who are likely to be roaming just as freely.

That being said, when living in an area with snow, you should invest in a snow guard system for one of several reasons.

  • Prevent the death or injury of a loved one, neighbor or customer
  • Prevents costly insurance claims
  • Prevent the death or injury of a beloved pet, usually a cat or dog
  • Prevents snow barricades in front doorways and garage doors
  • Protect gutter system, car, patio furniture, landscaping and ground HVAC units
  • Protect pipe vents and other roof pipe protrusions

Snow Guards by Many Names

The term “snow guard” is a relative depending by what you know the product as. Other terms that mean the exact same thing as a snow guard include: snow stop, snow cleats, roof guards, snow pads, snow bird, snow jacks, snow block, ice guards, gutter guards, snow retainer device, snow cleats, snow rail, snow fence for metal roofs, snow retention, roof-top device that keeps snow on roof, ice stops, snow trapper, jumbo snow guard, mini snow guard, snow bracket, plastic snow guard, metal snow guard, standing seam pad-style snow guard, clamp to seam snow guards, standing seam snow guards, snow clip, , snow shoes, ice guard, ice break, pipe style snow guard, bar snow fence, ColorGard®, X-Gard™, SnoRail™ and SnoFence™. No matter what it is called, they all serve the same purpose, but their effectiveness in a given circumstance varies.

Will cheap snow guards get the job done?

Cheap snow guards are a short term solution for a long term problem. It is best to invest in a quality snow guard the first time around than to use the trial and error approach.

On the contrary, quality snow guards work, BUT if and only if you have the right system on the right roof. At Sno Shield, we carry QUALITY SNOW GUARD snow retention.

  • Triangles are the strongest shape on the planet, therefore, they will not collapse under pressure easily. Our plastic snow guards utilize the integrity and strength of this shape making them more effective that most other snow guards.
  • Additionally, clamp-on snow guards make the best snow retention system. Why? Most other types of snow guards have to be screwed down or installed with adhesive; as a consequence, a roof warranty is made null and void. On the contrary, clamp-on snow guards attach to the ribs of standing seam metal roofs; therefore, keeping the roof warranty intact. Sno Shield has a snow guard solution for almost every type of standing seam metal roof ranging from, nail-strip to snap lok, to 90 degree mechanical seams to bulb-shaped seams. These snow guards include the Snow Defender 6500, S-5! ColorGard and the S-5! Deck Mount Snow Rail.

Which is better, individual snow breaks or a snow bar system?

Typically a snow bar system is better, but individual snow breaks have their place. Snow Rail is more expensive, but it does a better job at preventing a rooftop avalanche. In areas with light snow loads such as northern Texas, individual snow breaks are more than enough. In places such as Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Canada, snow rail is the preferred product.

Equally important, the system recommended really depends several factors such as where you live, the roof pitch and dimensions, the snow load for your area, and what you can afford.

The best thing to do is call and ask for advice if you are now sure what you want. Again, in some cases there is only one option, a snow rail system, but most roofs can get away with using individual snow breaks or a snow rail system.

Ice dams still form on my gutters or roof edge even though I have snow guards, why?

Even with a snow retention system, ice dams are still probable. Sno Shield™ has teamed up with HotEdge™ to in order to provide a complete system of snow retention and ice dam protection. Ice dams are created when the warm air from inside the home warms the roof causing the most inner layer of snow to melt. When the water comes in contact with the cold outside air or gutter the water refreeze creating an ice dam. That being said, installing snow retention will not prevent warm air from within the home from escaping through the roof. As a result, ice dams will form even with snow retention in place. To prevent ice dams use one of our heat tape systems. We have heat tape systems for almost every type of roof. We have heat tape systems for the roof edge, the roof valley, roof seams and for other areas of the roof.

Do I have to have purchase a snow retention system if I have ice dam problems?

No. Search the website or call us for more information on ice dam prevention systems.