Snow Brakes, Metal Roofs and More

Sno Shield™ was originally founded to fill a gap in the snow brakes industry. What gap, you might ask? Well, let’s start from the beginning.

We, the inventors of Sno Shield snow retention systems, have more than 20 years experience in the metal roofing industry. We have been heavily involved in the large, commercial construction market where snow brakes are used extensively due to liability and property damage issues. Our specialty focused mainly on the “big-box” retail facilities, but we have experience in numerous other areas such as schools, medical facilities, and residential developments as well. We have performed jobs from California to Maryland and countless other places in-between. We’ve installed various kinds of roofs in more states than most people probably travel in a lifetime. We have worked in every type of weather imaginable. We’ve seen and scrutinized just about every line of snow brakes for metal roofs on the market and know which snow retention systems work and which don’t.

But enough about us. The real question is how does any of this benefit you? Well, let us tell you. After all, that’s the real reason you’re here, right?

During all of our travels and roofing experiences we took note that there were only two types of snow brakes to choose from – metal snow brakes and plastic snow brakes. Architects, home owners, and roofers all complained that in choosing snow guards of one material they were forced to give up the benefits of the other. We were constantly asked, “Isn’t there anything better?”

This is where Sno Shield enters the snow retention story. Witnessing the frustration of the architects and building owners, and knowing what we needed as roofers, we set off to develop a snow brake that meets the needs of all the parties involved in a metal roofing project. We began an in-depth analysis of the snow guard industry and of the two types of snow guards on the market. It was during this careful examination of the strengths and weaknesses of snow brakes that we had our “Eureka” moment. Why not unite the two types together to take advantage of the strengths of each? Voila- Sno Shield with Color Armor™ was born! Sno Shield’s line of snow brakes for metal roofs blend the two materials seamlessly together in a way that maximizes the advantages of each in order to form the best snow brake.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell. We developed a unique plastic snow guard and added the ability to cover it with the same material as the metal roof. This is good news for you, because now you don’t have to settle for one style of snow guard while sacrificing the benefits of the other. Please take a look at our Features and Benefits Table to see what makes Sno Shield’s snow brakes superior.

Architects love our products because we offer a versatile snow brake that is safe, reliable, and can be completely transparent or made to match any metal roof in a way that greatly enhances its appearance.

Our products are great for building owners because they look great, help protect them from liability issues and property damage, and are competitively priced.

Roofers buy our snow brakes because they can be installed easily and in various ways. They are also very dependable so the installer doesn’t have to make any more of those annoying trips back to the job site.

So whoever you are, if you choose a Sno Shield product for your snow retention needs, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product from an innovative company that knows exactly what you need. After all, we’ve been there before.