HotDrip Roof Ice Melt System is a heat cable system that warms up the roof edge to keep icicles and Ice dams from forming

Roof Type

  • Metal Roofs


  • HotDrip™
  • Heat cable (UL)
  • Commercial-grade adhesive
Gutter and roof heat cable system made in the USA

What Are Ice Dams?

Especially relevant to this question is whether or not icicles are seen on the roof edge. Icicles on the roof edge are the tell-tale-sign and an ice dam is forming on the roof. That is why many times heat cable is called “roof de-icing cable”. It literally keeps icicles from forming on the roof edge or in the roof valley.

Ice dams are formed when the ice build-up on the roof edge becomes large enough to keep water from going up over the top of the icicles. This then creates a pool of water behind the ice build-up. If left alone, eventually icicles (which create ice dams) will cause serious problems such as the roof leaking, nasty water stains and more.

HotDrip Roof Ice Melt System

HotDrip is a unique gutter and roof heat cable system. It is specifically designed to be used on “A-style” roof edges. Typically these are roof edges that do not have a metal drip edge but instead us a 90 degree edge. In most cases a horizontal gap exists between the metal roof and the roof decking below it. When this is the case, Hot Drip is used to create a lip on the roof edge.

The point of the system is to keep roof snowmelt from running down the fascia board. The metal lip created by HotDrip is continually heated by self-regulating heat tape; meaning, the roof snowmelt never has a chance to refreeze and create an ice dam. Instead, the roof snowmelt drips off the roof edge keeping it icicle free.

Before considering this product, it is important to confirm that this horizontal gap exists and to understand how the roofing material is secured. 

Note: Sometimes the cap of the HotDrip roof ice melt system is held in place with rivet type attachments through the top roofing material. In this instance, HotDrip needs to be notched at the job site to allow it to be slid into place. In all cases, the back of HotDrip is installed flush with the front face of the metal fascia cap. 

Warning: Low cost, constant current heat cable must not be used. Only safety agency UL Listed, self-regulating ice and snow heat cable for structures that is provided with the system can be used.

Instead of asking “What are ice dams?”, the better question is “How do I get ride if icicles forming on my roof?

One solution is a HotDrip roof ice melt system. Other system could include HotVally, Hot Flashing, HotEdge Rail, HotShingleLOK and more. All of these systems prevent icicles from forming on the roof edge as well as on gutters and gutter downspouts. To see the other roof de-icing cables we have available, click on the white icicles to the right or this page or scroll to the bottom of the page to click them.