prevent ice dams and roof leaks on shingle roofs

Roof Type

  • Shingle Roofs
  • Slate Roofs
  • Wood Shake Roofs


  • HotShingleLOK™, HotSlateLOK™, or HotShakeLOK™
  • Heat Cable (UL)
  • Commercial-grade adhesive
  • Transition Panel
USA Canada

HotShingleLOK™, HotSlateLOK™, HotShakeLOK™ – Roof Ice Melt Systems

The HotEdge® heat tape LOK Series are ice melt systems engineered to lock onto existing asphalt composite shingle roofs, slate roofs or wood shake roofs without penetrating the roof decking. While these system use one heat cable, there are instances were more than one heat cable is needed. In that case, the LOK2X or 3X is used. Using up to three heat cables, it allows for more than 20+ inches of melt back from the roof edge.

Note: HotValley is recommended with these system. 

Warning: Low cost, constant current heat cable must not be used. Only safety agency UL Listed, self-regulating ice and snow heat cable for structures that is provided with the system can be used.