s-5 roof mounts, Find your roof panel for s5 clamp

Find the S-5!® roof clamp you need by finding your roof panel.

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Find a roof clamp for almost any type of standing seam metal roof

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Attach snow retention to corrugated or exposed fastened metal roofs

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Snow retention system that can color match the roof using color strips from roof panel

a snow guard calculator for s-5 roof mounts with colorgard

ColorGard Calculator-Coming Soon

Have peace of mind using the S-5!® Calculator. Know what you need before you order.

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PV Kit, EdgeGrab, ProteaBracket and other products used to install solar panels

s 5 dualguard is a two 1

DualGard™ is a two pipe snow rail system for any standing seam and exposed-fastend metal roofs.

DualGuard snow rail calculator using s-5 roof mounts

DualGard™ Calculator – Coming Soon

Have peace of mind using the S-5!® DualGard™ Calculator. Know what you need before you order.

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X-Gard, SnoRail / Fence, wind clamps and other useful tips on different ways to use S-5! products

About S-5 Roof Mounts

S-5 roof mounts come in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to accommodate different roof types and different rooftop applications.

S-5 roof mounts are affordable and more reliable than most roof mount because of the extensive load testing that has gone into each mount.

S-5!® has been introducing roof accessory mounting products into the market for more than 20 years. Their products have been tried and tested by time; thus, S-5! has developed a trustworthy reputation of producing quality products that are now used world wide.

S-5 roof mounts include: S-5-B, S-5-E, S-5-H, S-5-H90, S-5-KHD, S-5-N, S-5-N 1.5, S-5-Q, S-5-R465, S-5-S, S-5-T, S-5-U, S-5-V, S-5-Z, VersaBracket™ 47, VersaBracket™ 67, CorruBracket™, CorruBracket™ 100T, TopFix CorruBracket-AU™, ProteaBracket, RibBracket™ and TrapBracket™.

These mounts are used to install: ColorGard®, X-Gard™, SnoRail™, SnoFence™, Solar Panels (using S-5-PV Kit UL Listed and/or EdgeGrab™), rooftop mounting equipment, signs, banners, satellites and much more.