Rib Guard snow guard, Clamp-on snow guard snow stop, standing seam metal roofs

Roof Type

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof
USA Canada


  • Rib Guard
  • Stainless Steel Set Screws

Example Panel Profile(s)

rib guard snow stop, clamp-to-seam snow guard, snow guard standing seam

About Rib Guard Snow Guard

  • Non-penetrating snow guard for standing seam metal roofs
  • Virgin grade, clear polycarbonate snow guard
  • 4-9/16″ L x 5-9/16″ W x 3-7/8” H
  • Can be attached in any weather
  • No additional screws or adhesives needed for installation
  • Installed using two stainless steel set screws
  • Color options available
    • Color injected polycarbonate
      • Only available in large quantities
    • Use patented Color Armor™ system
  • Avoids leaks and protects against watertight warranties
  • Acts as a barricade against falling snow and ice from metal roofs
  • Helps protect gutters, HVAC units, people, cars and the landscaping below
  • Allows for snow and ice to melt in small non-threatening chunks
  • Reduces the risk of snow avalanching from the roof

Installation Video

The Rib Guard Snow Guard is a clamp-on style snow guard/snow break which stops snow from sliding down and off standing seam metal roofs. The Rib Guard was designed to clamp onto a seam or rib of a standing seam metal roof using two stainless steel set screws, which pinch the rib/seam between the two set screws and two off setting internal cleats which make it an ideal snow break to be installed any time of year. Besides looking clean cut and aesthetically pleasing for any residential or commercial roofing project, Sno Shield’s Rib Guard is an efficient, economical way to ensure snow stays where it falls on your roof until it can melt and come off in a manageable time frame.

Sno Shield’s Rib Guard is unique from other snow retention devices. It is triangular in shape. We chose this shape because it is one of nature’s strongest shapes. No other snow guard company utilizes the strength of the triangle as we do. When heavy snow force is applied to an SS Snow Guard, the weight is automatically distributed throughout its wide base making it less likely to break or snap. The wide, Y-shaped base of our polycarbonate snow guard makes it very effective at retaining snow and ice. It allows the snow and ice to melt off naturally. Lastly, it is a clear polycarbonate snow guard, but using Sno Shield’s patented Color Armor™ system, it will give it a metal snow guard appearance.

Used for both commercial and residential projects, roofers say these snow stops are easy to install, architects find them aesthetically appealing, and homeowners enjoy the value and security it adds to their home or business.