S-5-H Clamp for metal roof panels with horizontal seams

Roof Type

  • Metal Roof Panels with a horizontal seam
    • An Upside Down L
  • Zee-lock
    • Mechanically seamed sidelap


  • Aluminum Roof Clamp
  • Stainless Steel Setscrews

Example Panel Profile(s)

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Features Unique of the S-5-H Clamp

  • Metal Roof clamp that can be attached to a horizontal seam on the vertical leg of the seam
  • Used on a horizontal seam when the S-5-U clamp cannot be used
  • Two piece design allows it to be attached anywhere on the rib
  • The S-5-H clamp mini can be used with the S-5-PV (UL) Kit and the EdgeGrab™ to install solar panels on a metal roof
    • The S-5-H clamp MINI is NOT used when installing S-5! snow retention products. ONLY use standard S-5 clamps.